Beautiful natural stone tiles look great

These images show an extensive range of natural stone installed in various homes. Natural stone tiles are beautiful and have all the ease and durability of ceramic tiles.

Year: 2009–15

Designer: Davinia Sutton, Jane Rennie ph: 03 355 3120

Photography: Stephen Goodenough©

Tile Installation: Terranova Tiling

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Every batch of stone has a signature pattern colour and texture, each individual tile is unique. The distribution of colour and grain across the floor and on the walls must be carefully selected before installation to avoid unsightly solid patches of dark or light that distract from the natural effect. Correct adhesives, grouts and sealant must be used to ensure the optimum quality finish that lasts.

Work with natural stone requires an extensive knowledge, passion, patience and precision to ensure an outcome that meets or exceeds client expectations. In one sense, by the careful selection of the stone pieces Terranova tiling become the artisan of the natural stone effect.