Transportation Accounting Trucking CPAs Top Atlanta CPA Firm

Transportation Accounting Trucking CPAs Top Atlanta CPA Firm


Over a year ago, the TruckingOffice team made a commitment to go beyond simply providing the very best bookkeeping and record keeping services available. We began a search for the very best in other important services that all professional drivers need, like factoring, insurance, and tax services. Barrett & Co provides custom CPA services, tax planning and business advisory services to Clark County and the Greater Portland Metropolitan area. At the end of the day, ATBS has been helping owner-operators for over two decades, and our entire business is dedicated to working with truckers.

Over the past 45 years, we have dealt with several IRS audits involving the fuel tax credit claimed by our bus company clients. My last preparer had office personnel misplace documents and they had to hire new people. Trucking software such as TruckingOffice, the process of filing Federal taxes will be much less frustrating and a lot more accurate. All of your information is organized and easily accessed to help you get the most out of your tax return. Trucking taxes are complex and it’s easy to miss deductions if you’re trying to do them yourself.


Having a reliable tax professional who is knowledgeable about managing the complex taxes for truck drivers can be the solution. We know trucking is a low-margin business, so we strive to find solutions for enhancing your performance and monitoring costs. These services are easily scalable as well, meaning we can continue to tailor the transportation consulting services we offer as your business continues to change and grow through the years.

  • Our accountants strive to find solutions to enhance your performance and monitor costs.
  • The per diem method mostly benefits owner operators who can directly deduct these expenses on schedule C against their income.
  • With our guidance in every aspect of your accounting and tax planning, you’ll manage your money efficiently and retain more of your profits at tax time.
  • We have created trucking software that allows users to keep track of whatever details they want to.

Furthermore, without regulation, it may be difficult to check their background history. Trucking tax accountant will review your business financials regularly, not just before tax time. Stay up-to-date with federal and Pennsylvania state tax forms, deadlines, and filing requirements that can overwhelm your business with our tax planning and preparation services in Philadelphia. In an industry that is rapidly evolving, you want a partner who provides solutions that are responsive to change. At Warren Averett, we understand your day-to-day operations and the unique KPIs you must benchmark and report.

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Our accountants strive to find solutions to enhance your performance and monitor costs. Most people can only deduct 50% of these expenses but truckers subject to DOT Hours of Service Rules may deduct 80%. As with all tax rules, your situation may be different from what I described above. If you are a company driver, for example, your employer may already be paying you per diem which means you cannot deduct it too. The per diem method mostly benefits owner operators who can directly deduct these expenses on schedule C against their income. Many CPAs or tax professionals can do a fine job of handling taxes for owner-operators.

  • Also, note that they have a culture of flexibility with options outside of the proverbial corporate ladder.
  • We will help you work with the IRS to reduce your taxes and work on repayment or other alternatives.
  • The Wrap is a podcast by Warren Averett designed to help business leaders access relevant information about today’s issues so you can accomplish what’s important to you.
  • Rather than feeling like they have no control at all, our client now knows exactly what they can and cannot control.
  • Today’s tax laws are so complicated that filing a relatively simple return can be confusing.

Many financing companies offer up to 60 months financing which helps on cash flow, especially if you are just started your own business. However, IRS depreciation is only 3 years on tractors and 5 years for trailers. That means that you deduct your tractor over 3 years no matter how long you financed it for. So many people end up paying on the equipment long after the tax deductions run out.

Some of our transportation accounting services include:

We have been providing bookkeeping and income tax services for truckers and the trucking industry for over twenty five years and we’ve prepared thousands of trucker tax returns. Our reputation as a trucker bookkeeping and income tax service company is built on our ability to help independent owner-operators and company drivers maximize their income taxes deductions. Extensive knowledge of the trucking industry allows us to maximize the deductions to which you’re entitled. We specialize in audit, tax and business consulting to transportation companies and fleets of all sizes.


You want a truckers bookkeeping service firm or tax preparer who will be there to answer your questions or assist you at any time during the year. Trucking taxes are complex and it is easy to miss deductions if you are trying to do them yourself. With a hiring shortage, rising fuel costs, and increased competition challenging the trucking industry, the knowledge and experience of your CPA makes a difference. Our Philadelphia CPA firm offers accounting solutions that can help truck drivers to track expenses, cut costs, and make operational improvements. We simplify accounting procedures for individual truck owners and keep tabs on changing tax code that can save them money on federal and Philadelphia taxes. We work with you to create innovative ways to reach your company’s strategic goals.

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Based on your ATBS service level, we can work with you as often as needed to help you succeed. Our online web-based portal offers you an alternative to e-mail for a secure transfer of your financial records.

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Rising labor costs, fuel costs, and changing regulations make managing your finances complex but we offer the support you need. We provide specialized accounting services, bookkeeping, and tax strategies that help you conquer challenges and grow your business. At James J. Newhard CPA, we’re experienced in accounting for the transportation industry and understand the financial obstacles you’re up against. At A+ Tax Experts, we understand the financial needs and concerns of the transportation industry.